Service Companies

WellToDesk provides Service Companies with a modern data transfer mechanism tailored to the oil field. Their clients will work in a familiar well centric environment making their data easy to find. Each time a Service Company uploads data, nominated users will receive an email that their data is ready to be downloaded and a link enabling them to log in and retrieve the data.

The Service Company is also an attribute of the well and data uploaded. Any data that has been uploaded by Service Company A cannot be seen by Service Company B, even when working on the same well. The only exception is when the Operating Company has authorized the sharing of data.

When the Operating Company logs in, they will see all their data for a well regardless of Service Company, making it an easy environment for them.

As long as we have an agreement in place with a Service Company, we will maintain all their data for them, getting rid of data archive headaches and potentially saving a position within the Service Company, leading to real savings.

When DLIS and LAS data is uploaded, the header is read to be sure the data is being loaded to the correct well. When there are discrepancies, the user will be shown the discrepancies and prompted if he wants to continue or not.

Data uploaded in LAS format can be downloaded in LAS or DLIS format (we do the conversion).

Please note the following:

  • Access to data requires an account to be set up (this is fast and free).
  • Download links force the user to log in first, you cannot forward an email and get the data.
  • Data recipients have to be authorized first, with an audit trail established.