Operating Companies

WellToDesk provides OFDB capability in the cloud and a single repository for well based operations. Any data whatsoever can be uploaded and stored, however we have split uploads into the following categories:

  • Field Tapes (DLIS etc.)
  • Field Prints (.pdf, .meta, ,pds etc.)
  • Field Reports (.xls, .doc, .txt etc.)
  • Field Other (absolutely any file)

Permission is required to both upload and download data. All service companies can upload data to the same well, providing a single access point for all the well data. However, security has been inbuilt such that a service company can only see their data and permission would need to be granted by the operating company for data to be shared between service companies. Data uploaded by the operating company, by default can only be accessed by the operating company – again everything is on a permission basis.

By being able to define who sees what data, we can allow for partner distributions too, they will receive uploaded data at the same time as the operator. They can also be provided with upload permissions for the sharing of interpretations (for example).

By providing cloud based storage, we take over the handling and storing of a company’s well based data. WellToDesk will remain current with the latest standards and when a new standard comes along, we will offer the ability for data to be downloaded in the new standard. Currently uploaded LAS data can be downloaded as DLIS data and we will soon provide tis support for BIT and LIS data too.

When DLIS and LAS data is uploaded, the header is read to be sure the data is being loaded to the correct well. When there are discrepancies, the user will be shown the discrepancies and prompted if he wants to continue or not.

Please note the following:

  • Access to data requires an account to be set up (this is fast and free).
  • Download links force the user to log in first, you cannot forward an email and get the data.
  • Data recipients have to be authorized first, with an audit trail established.